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    Create approval process with an approver that varies?


      Hi all,


      We would like to create an approval process for requests like email delegate access that require an approver that is not known when the process is created in the backend.


      For example, someone may request delegate access to an email account and we need the approval of the account owner. Is it possible to have a client approval process form that allows the requestor to select the mailbox owner on ticket creation so that the mailbox owner can approve the ticket request before being sent to the remaining static approvers? Ideally, they would be selecting the approver from the user list instead of typing a name and this selection would be used in the approval process as the first approver.


      We have a lot of approval processes that do not have static approvers; it would at least be nice if we could add "requestors manager" as an approver since that is a frequent need.




      - Craig