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    New to WHD. Have a few questions


      The first question I have is regarding custom asset fields. Ive noticed that custom asset fields show up on all asset types unless you go into the asset and set specific custom fields. Is there a way to prevent custom asset fields from showing up on all assets and only have them show up on assets you specify?


      Second question is regarding required fields when assets are created. I have asset number, model, location, status all set as required fields. However, when I create an asset the only fields that show bold (indicating they are required) are Asset No, Model, Location. Status and Asset Type are not bold, but when I try to save prompt saying that they are.


      Third, we have LDAP setup to import our technicians and end users. We had it originally setup to deactivate the client when the LDAP records were removed. We noticed that several of our accounts were being marked inactive without a chance in Active Directory. We found that it happened to AD accounts that were disabled and that were not disabled. We would like to keep it configured to deactivate the client when LDAP records are removed to prevent having to maintain AD and then having to maintain WHD. Is there a setting I can change to prevent accounts from being marked inactive without them actually being inactive? Perhaps the time out settings?

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          The Asset Custom Fields are tied to specific Asset Types, not to specific Asset records.

          So, Any given Asset Type can be set to show ALL custom asset fields or you can choose to have some Asset Types only show specific Asset Custom Fields if desired.

          I see the same behavior when i set it up like you have it (asset no., model, location, status set as required fields); when i save only asset no., model, and location are bolded even though it won't let you save unless the other fields are populated with data.  I would consider this a minor bug; you may want to open a support ticket about it.

          I'm not sure what would cause the accounts in WHD to be marked inactive without any change in AD.  I can see where you're coming from on the timeout - if the LDAP connection (which is usually pretty fast) timed out, WHD would essentially see that as "well, i didn't see that record this time" and it might deactivate it because of that.

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              What I have seen in our case with custom asset fields is that even with an asset type set to show specific fields and none of the specific fields are shown, it shows them all. Ive also seen no way to take a "desktop" asset type and exclude specific custom fields. For example I have Battery Replacement date as a custom field to track UPS battery replacement date. If I create a desktop, laptop, software, etc. asset it shows up. Now setting that specific asset type to only use specific asset fields doesnt allow you to select the default asset fields that you would want to include such as host name or barcode/ID.