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    LEM Response is very slow

    ahmed tarif

      I have LEM 6.3.1. The size of the disk reaches 300+ GB. Now I have a weird response. It takes about 30 minutes to log through the web application. I have to restart the LEM Manager so as to log the web faster (2 min). It doesn't stop at this limit.


      When I log in through the web application and begin to configure or work on ndepth. It is very slow and after 1hr or more, the session stops and It doesn't respond to any change. When this happened I tried to access it through the desktop application but It couldn't log in.


      If I try to close the Internet Explorer and log in again, I fail to log in till I restart the LEM Manager.


      I am in a closed loop now and I don't know what is happening


      Any advice

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          Hello Ahmed,


          These issues can take time to diagnose.  If you're able to connect remotely with a Support representative they are likely to be able to help you in a more timely fashion.  That being said, the first thing you will want to verify is resources:


          Plan your deployment - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


          If your LEM deployment is under powered for what you're trying to do or your resources are not reserved, then you're going to run into plenty of issues with slowness.


          Additionally if you are able to get into the console, you will likely want to disable all rules (and be sure to Activate Rules) until you can diagnose the issue.  If you have a lot of active rules (or a few that are very active) then you want to get these disabled so that you can tune them and work out from there.


          For additional reading:


          LEM goes down daily and requires constant restarts - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

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              ahmed tarif

              After the above, I decided to install a fresh VM for LEM. So, I downloaded a fresh copy with the same version 6.3.1 and disconnect the old VM and connect the new one. I uploaded the configuration file of the old VM to the new VM and hoped that this will work. But wasn’t the case and the agents weren’t discovered by the new LEM Manager.


              I decided to return the old VM and accept the slow performance. BUT the issue that all the agents now are discovered but all of them keep connected at 12 September without any update. Also, the slow performance is gone and it is perfect now as no logs or communications is done between the Manager and the agents. When I try to install a new agent on a new machine that wasn’t discovered before, the LEM manager discover it but as disconnected agent with last connection date as “16:00:00 Wed Dec 31 1969” which is very strange


              Any advice why this is happening

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                  Hello Ahmed,


                  There are several moving parts here.  It's going to be the most efficient use of your time to reach out to Support.


                  The bulk of your current issue appears to be certificates.  Your agent reporting from 1969 likely either didn't get all of the certificates, or can't connect fully to the LEM.  The existing agents you will want to clear the Agent Certificates.


                  Troubleshooting LEM Agent Connections - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


                  If you have many agents that would be difficult to touch directly then Support should be able to assist with this.


                  You can't set up a new LEM and expect the nodes will connect to the new appliance without any additional configuration due to certificates tying the agents to a LEM deployment to specifically thwart this type of scenario.

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                Maybe too late to answer this case, but I got the same issue on one of our customers. Then I used Google Chrome instead of IE, and it works instantly. Log on went to 10 minutes to 10 seconds, and researches on 30M logs takes about one minute, while it took forever on IE.


                It's the first time I have this behavior. Hope this will help other people in the future.