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    Specific Audio Alerting


      HI Guys


      I remember using SW NPM years ago in a large NOC and they had Audio Alerts that would tell everyone in the NOC when a Node went DOWN or Interface/Component/Application DOWN.


      With this client I'm now using version 12 NPM/SAM and would like to do the same for these guys. I can see under the SW Accounts/Groups that you can enable 'Alert Sound' and select one of three sounds. Instead of these 3 options I would like to use different .wav files.


      Can someone provide me with the step-by-step process of creating the .wav files as I'm sure the previous 'Elements DOWN' audio alert came from SW, and alert to configure this against an Alert please.


      In advance thank you for your support.

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          Hi Bootneck1111,


          1. Get the Desktop Notification Tool from your Orion server- http://<your solarwinds server>/DesktopNotificationTool/SolarWinds.DesktopNotificationTool.msi

              See for more details: https://support.solarwinds.com/success_center/network_performance_monitor_(npm)/npm_v11_5_-_desktop_notification_tool_alert_sounds

          2. From Manage Alerts, find and edit your alert you want the audio alert configured for and under the "Trigger Actions" add a "Play a sound" action.

              Enter a name (such as "Play sound") and description (if you want, it will appear in the event log if it fired))and define any date/time or execution values if you need them.

          3. Install your Desktop Notification client onto the computer which will be used to sound the alert, configure the Orion server name and users credentials for your Orion server.

              Once connected you can configure the preferences, and select your sound file in the Custom Sound section.

              Oh, also up the Notification Items to 1000 or so, as there is a bug if this number is too small that causes it to hang once the limit is reached (or clear the desktop notifications regularly).

              There's a test button to test the noise and volume, in the preferences.

              Hit save when happy and it should be good to go.


          Hope it helps,


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              Just a quick overview of what I have setup.


              SW servers in a DC (192.168.x.x) - Monitoring the estate, multiple locations

              Server 2008 server (VM) also in the DC (Jump To server to SW) - Just created specifically for audio alerts in a new NOC


              Windows 10 Ent Client built in the new NOC (10.x.x.x)


              I can connect to the Jump To server from the Windows 10 machine and connect out via Web Browser to the SW server/s

              I have installed the Desktop Notifications Tool onto both the Windows 10 Client machine here in the new NOC, and also onto the Server 2008 Jump To server


              Should I be making the Preferences changes and tests on the Windows 10 machine in the NOC which is the PC that the Audio Alerts should be heard? And does the Notification Tool have to be installed on the Jump To server that connects to the SW servers?


              In advance thank you for your support.

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              As long as the Windows 10 servers (10.x.x.x.) have the correct network access, you can point their Desktop Notification clients directly at your Orion server (in 192.168.x.x.) and they will work.

              You only need to install the notification client, onto the computer you want to see/hear the alerts upon, so no, you won't need to install it onto the jump box server.

              Install it onto the Windows 10 computer(s) and enter the IP or URL for your Orion server (your webserver, which could be an APE) and suitable username and credentials (we use a NOC user with limited rights).


              However, your use of a jump box indicates that there might be some isolation between the 10.x.x.x and 192.168.x.x subnets and that you might not have the correct network access in place.

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                Hi Yaquaholic


                I've been resolving a Certificate issue between the Jump To and SW servers today as this was presenting and issue when trying to login via the Notification Tool. I have since fond that the new Jump To server doesn't have a Sound Card so that will be rectified first thing in the morning.


                I also have a call with SW in the morning to iron out any other issues so I'll provide you with any further findings or questions.


                In advance thank you for your support with this.

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                  hi Yaquaholic


                  Thank you for the help with this. I managed to establish a direct link between the client and server at each site therefore eliminating the Jump To server. The Notification Tool does not receive any errors in relation to Certificates which I did have trying to login to the Tool over HTTPS from the 10. to the 192.


                  I spend all day yesterday testing the Audio Alerts and downloading some useful .wav files specific to Node DOWN and Interface DOWN text-to-Speech and today the NOC can now receive the Audio and Email Alerts from SW when triggered.