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    NPM Performance Issue- Unable to open a node than it crashes


      Our company has been dealing with a NPM Performance issue for some quite some time.  Randomly throughout the day when we click on any node throughout the day and as it ries to open the node, it will completely time out and crash.  We are not able to see anything, it just completely is unresponsive, until we either

      1- Reboot Solarwinds or 2- Reboot Engine Services


      3-I did a quick “Hubble” is Solarwinds working fine and it shows similar ( or even higher ) times that the same hubble while with issue.

      So the queries show similar times when working or not. But the total time is huge when Solarwinds is with problem showing.

      4-The hubble  is actually showing that the SQL database ( and even SWQL ) is answering very quick.

      At some point I though the SWQL were answering in 59 seconds, but that is actually milliseconds. So, again, very quick.

      5- Also I did a Wireshark while the problem was happening and the SQL database was answering very quick for the queries sent by SolarWinds server ( lots ).

      So I do not think our problem is the SQL database.


      Our SQL admins checked the DB for us, they state its fine as well.


      My retention settings are high a little higher than normal, but we been running them for over 3 years, our Europe and Asia Office run the retention settings as well- and our Region in America is the only server with this issue. Same hardware spec, and same retention settings. Ticket opened to SW's and I was told to lower retention and we have been back and forth for many months now.


      Anyone else has any idea how to help or another avenue?  (my company needs a high retention for whatever reason..and I cannot adjust them)