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    The Beginner's Mind


      It is often helpful to be reminded of the beginner's mind experience when we are immersed in our own expertise. Bathed in a sea of knowledge we are immune to the struggles of the first timer learning to swim in our pool. I was reminded of this recently when I began using Solarwinds NTM (Network Topology Mapper)  It is obviously a product which was designed and developed by "geeks", (their words). It is so user unfriendly and clunky. Simple things like remembering which folder you'd been to for saving scans, exporting that kind of thing, is not built in. You have to keep repeating key strokes each time you repeat a process.


      So enough of the preamble; I am using this as a beginner, although I've been around a long time. Why does the NTM application not consistently return node names? For example here is an extract from a map



      As you can see, it returned 3 host names, but on IP addresses 1.10 & 1.11 it did not return the requisite information. Does anyone know why this might be. I did look into this and wondered if it was the SNMP Trap service that needed to be turned on? Not the case, as the other machines that the host name was retrieved did not have the service on anyway. Does anyone have any ideas why this lack of Host name occurs?

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          Geoff Smith

          Hi!  I'm sorry I didn't see your post earlier.  Orion seems to get its node names from either the System Name from SNMP or using a WMI login.  It also seems to be able to get it from DNS.  If it has no name, it's not getting one from any of those sources.