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    Issues box/free form text box NPM Summary Page


      I've been looking to add in a notes box into NPM that will allow for our OPS and Engineering team a way to collaborate on redundant/similar issues.


      Example:  I'm working on a 6 second delay between UCLA and one of our interface engines.  This is an ongoing issue for almost a month.  In our bi-weekly OPS meeting I find out another co-worker has a similar issue with a 6 second delay, only internally.


      In this case if there was some way to post a simple text field of what you are working on, or ongoing issues, it would give the team a heads up.  Yes, we have a ticketing system.  Yes, we have Sharepoint.  Yes, we have a KB.  However, folks don't search through open tickets to see if someone else has similar problems.  To often emails to the group get lost in our flood of the 100s per day.


      There is a tool to deploy Notes for Nodes.  You can then add a custom Object for it on the summary page, and bam, there are your notes.  However, this doesn't allow for quick editing.


      I've added in a custom HTML box and now I can free type, but it doesn't give me the ability to timestamp and such.  Here is what I have now.  I'm looking for suggestions on ways to have some text field or something that allows for quick edits while in Orion.  Everyone uses Orion, everyone has it open to the Summary page, it needs to be located here or at least needs to be displayed here.



      Here is what it looks like when you add/edit a note.



      Look for suggestions from this group or ways you've used Orion to collaborate with team members.