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    [bug] When Color is changed on the client info tab, the client is deleted




        First time posting, not sure if I am posting to the right place.  I believe I've discovered a bug in the Web Helpdesk software:


      I am a technician - not sure if that matters or not.  Yesterday another technician and myself changed the background colour for our clients in our client info tabs.  The next morning our helpdesk accounts where deleted and our administrator had to re-create the accounts.  Our LDAP AD accounts are unaffected.  When I looked at my new client, all my tickets where gone from my history (same with the other tech that had changed his background colour).  When I searched for my name on the ticket history, my tickets are there with my background colour applied on my name and a [D] next to my name.


      Does changing the background colour unlink the LDAP account or does anyone know what happened here?


      Thank you very much for reading all this!