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    Question about refresh rate.

    kevin lankhaar

      Dear guys,


      I have a technical question about DameWare Mini Remote Control Version 12.0.

      Let me try to explain the situatie so you guys can give me the best advice.


      We have a (multiple) cliënt with the following setup:


      Dell R5500 > K2200 Graphic card > Displayport to DVI > DVI Strecht > Fiber > Patch > Patch > Fiber > DVI Strecht > DVI To HDMI > Barco Videowall.


      The problem is that after a random moment the screen turn black. There is no message on the screen with "no signal" if we connect with dameware ( to see if the client is working or not ).

      We connect to the client and the problem is gone because dameware is pushing some refresh rate or creates another session that sorts a gets the client out of sleepmode.

      I have checked all the problems that could be possible. Graphic card driver energy settings checked power savings evrything is been lookt at. What could my problem be?


      And can tell me how dameware works?

      Kind regards,


      Kevin Lankhaar