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    Installation of PatchManager with DB at alternate location


      Is it possible to install PatchManager to an alternate location regarding the database?

      The setup options are express and advanced. Only, advanced requieres a database to be present.


      It looks like the setup requieres (for security reasons not provided) SysAdmin / DB Admin rights on the SQL server.


      Maybe there is a script somewhere to create / provision the database (empty, but tables and so on present)


      Any ideas?


      Or, install on SQL express and move/migrate database?



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          Hello dermax, maybe you can give some information:


          Advanced is the way that you would install Patch Manager's database to another location.  If you're trying to install SQL Express on a D drive or something like that, I believe you can get that installed separately and point to the SQL Express instance, but to my knowledge there is no KB to do so.  The installer includes SQL Express, but you don't need to use the instance from our installer, you would use the Advanced option to install to another database server/instance.


          Advanced doesn't require a database to be present, but does require a server/instance to communicate with.  Sysadmin/DBAdmin rights are required to create the Patch Manager database during install.


          Here's the article for migrating the database if you would like, but I would reach out to Sales Engineering or Support first as you can definitely install on a remote database:


          Migrate a local or remote Patch Manager database to a remote SQL server - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support