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    DameWare console parameters


      Hi everybody!


      I have some troubles with passing parameters to DameWare thru comand line. I need to pass -c: -h: -m: -u:"admin cto" -p:1 using spaces in uiserid parameter. And DaweWare refuses me to do it, sayin its wrong syntax. Can i someway pass userid parameter with spaces in it?

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          I have a similar problem.

          I try to embed DMRCC in Baramundi Software Management to directly connect to the client.

          My Command Line is "C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\DameWare Remote Support\DWRCC.exe" -c: -m:{Client} -a:1 -x:

          {Client} is a Varable from Baramundi specifieing the Computername. I also tested it from cmd with a correct computername.


          My problem is, DMRCC seems to ignore -c: and also -vnc: which I also tried.

          I does not connect automaticly, nor is "VNC Viewer" thicked on.


          Version is:


          DameWare Remote Support V9 DRS1

          on Windows 7 Prof. x64 SP1 Germany