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    Manage Pollers vs UnDP tool - What is the difference?


      Iv'e never been quite sure of the difference between the Manage Pollers tool and the Universal Device Poller tool. How are they different? What is the use case for each? Thanks for any help.

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          The manage pollers menu is for 2 specific use cases, replacing the out of the box values for the cpu/mem pollers or the node details.  Everything else falls under the UNDP tool.


          So if you have a device that is not showing CPU load correctly you can use manage pollers to tell solarwinds to poll a different OID to get cpu info for that hardware.  Likewise if you wanted it to get machinetype from a different OID than the defaults you could build a custom Details poller and point it to a different OID, I often do this for things like Cisco devices that come back with generic names like 39xx series switch, when I know there is an OID that would say specifically which switch type I have,


          UnDP tend to be things that solarwinds doesn't poll for at all out of the box, so maybe like if I was polling a WAN accelerator I would collect metrics on things like effective compression rates,   or if I have a UPS i can track input line voltage.