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    NPM DNS Mismatch Process Crashing Server


      For a month now we’ve had major issues with or Solarwinds
      product. That has crippled our monitoring environment. We can no longer rely on
      Solarwinds to alert us when there’s an issue in our environment as the product
      crashes with an unrecoverable database error. The error as it turns out is
      inside your product functioning as an SQL call that we cannot prevent. It’s a
      maintenance routine that runs seemingly randomly in the middle of the night.
      When this happens all of our Solarwinds becomes unusable until rebooting the
      server. This includes Alerting, IP Management, DNS, UDT and NPM. 


      I’ve worked with several technicians and now a developer and
      no one has solved this issue or taken it as seriously as we have. There’s a lot
      of well you should try this maybe and we’ll look at diagnostics. Or maybe let
      us know in a few days if you can delete some critical function you use in
      Solarwinds to test if this might help.  What now? I think you all fail to
      realize the importance we placed on your product to monitor our environment.
      We’re not a 9-5 pm shop with no care as to what happens at midnight when this
      product stops working completely. We have lots of people that rely on this
      monitoring to be in place 24 hours a day. Our fire departments and police
      departments do no shut down at 5 pm. We are in habit of providing excellent
      service to our customers at midnight just as we are during the day.


      This isn’t some feature we want, or just some general
      question or issue that there’s a work around. Solarwinds stops working randomly
      at night and during the day without warning and in its entirety. Not one piece
      of our Orion platform works when this happens. Alerting stops, NPN displays
      nothing, etc. etc.

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          The middle of the night maintenance would presumably be the nightly maintenance task that runs at 2:15 AM.

          You can check the logs for this maintenance task in C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Logs\Orion\   Look for the swdebugMaintenance.log file.


          In regards to the other issues:

          - Can you elaborate on the DNS mismatch issue?

          - Can you elaborate on the SQL call causing the database error?