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    How to best monitoring Tomcat on Linux


      Hi All,


      I have downloaded the Tomcat Template and already installed it on SAM.

      I would be happy to know if there is a way to customize the monitoring more to get a better performance monitoring of the Tomcat Server.


      I would be happy to be able to get errors from the Applications shown as alerts as well. The current has the ability to count them - I assume that it would be a good practice to have the errors (special ones) to be upraised as alerts so we will be able to know there is an issue with the Tomcat server before it will bring the server down with issues.


      I would be happy to know if any of you have already monitored the Tomcat server and can suggest a way that I can do the same myself. I am in a process of introducing SAM as a better monitoring system from what we currently have in hands.

      I would like to be able to show that SAM is the RIGHT way to monitor Tomcat and that I can give more reliable information on the TC server itself and alert before issues occur.


      I would be happy to get assistance on how to make SAM a better Tomcat server monitoring solution that way I will also moving on with the n ext Application in line.

      Thank for all your help!!!