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    SNMP Trap Rules


      New to Solarwinds and not sure if this is the correct place to post. Also new to SNMP. The Trap Viewer is receiving snmp alerts from an A10 on our network to notify when a service is up or down based on the A10 health monitoring (checks every 3 mins). The OID is not pollable so need to use Solarwinds SNMP traps to alert. Currently when a service is up or down an email is sent out. Unfortunately the way the service operates it can go down and back up pretty reguraly in the 3 min period. 12pm down, 12:-3 up. I want to create a rule that ignores these quick up and downs and only trigger if the down lasts for more than 3 mins. There is no syslog server to filter or buffer the snmp messagages to solarwinds. Since the messages from the A10 are just notification the alert only happens when up or when down, not constantly during the status.


      I hope this makes sense, any ideas on how I can change the alerting rules in the Trap Viewer to ignore these short service down and up bursts? Am I correct the only way to do this is to put a syslog server in the middle and use it to filter out the unwanted messages from the A10 during these short burts?