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    Issue Acknowledging Alert thru SDK


      I have am trying to acknowledge an alert thru the JSON api.  My post looks like this



      PAYLOAD: [[{"DefinitionId":"61957fe9-f3c6-4340-b45c-40936772abb1","ObjectType":"Virtual Datastore","ObjectId":"82298","Notes":"[xMatters] (2399091): mivy responded with \"Acknowledge\"."}]]


      There are also several AppendNote functions that do not appear to work such as


      PAYLOAD: [[512],"[xMatters] (undefined): Notification Delivered to mivy on iPhone App"]


      However on the solarwinds side in the information service v3 logs I only see one error message

      2017-08-30 08:12:50,178 [140] ERROR SolarWinds.Data.Providers.Orion.Verbs.Alerts - (null) (null)  Multiple AlertObjects founded for AlertID:61957fe9-f3c6-4340-b45c-40936772abb1 and ActiveObject:82298


      Any help on what could cause this type of issue?