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    Cisco IE1000 - NPM




      I have a cisco IE1000 configured with SNMP v3 and the management VLAN is 12, I can access the switch over the network and added it to the NPM console as a managed node.


      It allows me to select interfaces to monitor, however it shows the management vlan as down and will not show L2 and L3 connnections on the atlas maps.


      I logged a call with support who logged at the SNMP walk details and found this, any suggestions?


      I have spoke with colleagues about the case. The device is returning an
      operational staus value of 2(down) for VLAN 12

      OID for operational status.

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      This is from your SNMP walk

      . = INTEGER: 2

      12 indicates the VLAN. I understand that you are able to ping and the show run command shows the VLAN as up but you will need to investigate why it is sending a status of down in the SNMP walk.