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    Dameware 12 Centralised Server - "Proxy error : error reading from remote server"


      Hi Everybody,

      I wish someone could help me on the situation because I'm searching since a week on it without finding a real solution for my corporation.


      First my situation :

      I recently build a new dedicated server on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (VMware vsphere 6.5) with High Avability and up to date.

      This server contains the Central Server + Internet Proxy + Mobile Gateway and is part of our domain. It is joinable from the Web and all is done to make it linked with my domain.name.fr (NAT + PAT + DNS )

      I could use my local machine with the Dameware Remote support or Mini Remote control without problem and fully and I can also join my external machine with Internet Sessions.


      Version in use :

      Dameware  Server Package :

      Dameware Remote Support / Mini control :




      My problem :

      Randomly when I want to use Internet session from my Dameware Mini Remote Control, my link is well generated but my collaborator received this text in a blank page :

           PROXY ERROR

           The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

           The proxy server could not handle the Request GET/dwnl/

           Reason : Error From remote Server


      My temporary solution is to restart the Service DameWare Server  and all is done but my problem comes approximativly every each hour !

      My server is new and light, nothing else is installed on and I reinstall fully uninstall/install the program Dameware Server in doubt. I see nothing in Windows Log nor system or application.


      Something is setting this service unstable but what and how ???

      Is someone got any ideas ? Thanks ^^