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    BGP neighbor change alert in NPM 12.x



      I would like to get an alert set up if our BGP interface sees a route change, either an addition or a removal. Before my tenure at my current job there was an old rule setup in NPM version 10.5 using an SQL query:

      "SELECT DISTINCT NPM_RoutingNeighbor_V.NeighborID AS NetObjectID, NPM_RoutingNeighbor_V.NeighborIP AS Name FROM NPM_RoutingNeighbor_V WHERE ( (NPM_RoutingNeighbor_V.OrionStatus = 2) )    "

      However I have a new NPM server on 12.x and exporting/importing is not possible between the two. I also do not want to upgrade my old NPM server.

      Has anyone successfully set up an alert of this type?