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    DameWare GPO Options


      Running DameWare Version (64 Bit)


      Hello there everyone, had a question about DameWare and GPO options. When Reg changes are made through group policy shouldn't the DameWare Mini Remote Control take the changes in effect? I made changes to the following Reg Files:  Force Encrypt Data, Force Encrypt Images, and SFT: Enable Simple File Transfer and moved my VM to test out the results. The Reg files took the changes but the application did not.


      When you launch the DameWare Mini Remote Control > Remote Connect Window > Click Settings > Click Encryption Options Tab and under Remote Control box options still unchecked (Encrypt General Data and Images)?

      Under Simple File Transfer: Enable Encryption Still Unchecked?


      With the changes made to the reg files, shouldn't these options be checked with Reg Value of 1?


      If I am doing something wrong, please let me know thank you in advance.