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    Orion.APM.Component - Delete or Create individual components using API


      Hello Orion SDK Community,


      I've verified through the Metadata.Entity namespace/table that the Orion.APM.Component table is only available through the API to read or invoke - not the ability to delete, create, or update.

      I really need this ability through the API to do exactly those operations... delete/create/update.


      To that end, I began inspecting web calls through the GUI and found the following operations:


      http://localserver/Orion/APM/Services/Components.asmx/DeleteComponents (For delete operation)


      http://localserver/Orion/APM/Services/Components.asmx/CopyToApplicationTemplate (For create operation)


      all referenced in the following file:



      I was using these services recently with JSON and normal authentication successfully until I recently installed hotfixes during an upgrade to 12.1 -

      The account i'm using to make the request has all possible access/permissions enabled and yet I'm getting a 401 unauthorized error as a response:


        "Message": "Authentication failed.",

        "StackTrace": null,

        "ExceptionType": "System.InvalidOperationException"



      Credentials are correct, but failing. Other than these methods to delete/create, are there any other options in the API for creating / deleting components? I see an Invoke property is set to true, but no verbs that I'm aware of.


      I would really hate to resort to deleting / adding components using SQL - not even sure that would work for the create, but not ideal.


      Thank you,




      tdanner  / tomas.vrabel