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    Windows 10, 3rd Party Updates, and Patch Manager


      Hello All,


      I'm in the process of determining what we will need for our Windows 10 roll out next year, as part of our tech refresh cycle. I have a few Win10 machines I have been using to test to figure out what I need to do and what to expect from the Patch Management administration side of the house. In addition to the Win10 machines, we are also upgrading our servers from 2008R2 SP1 to 2016. The WSUS and PM server are on the same virtual server, with a physical server I repurposed acting as a PM automation server to even the load out.


      The biggest issue that I have so far is the inability to update 3rd party updates on our Win10 (v1607, Anniversary Update) machines. Java, Firefox ESR, etc. Group Policy is applying correctly, pointing the computers to the update server. I push the certificates needed via GP as well, which are also installed, so it's not a certificate or a communication issue. The updates are downloading, or at least showing that they are downloading.


      I've not come across any errors that show why an update failed, only that it failed, and the computers try again the next day. I suspect that it has something to do with running the WSUS and PM on 2008R2 servers, as we have had some other management issues with Win10 and our 2008R2 servers. Event logs show that it is downloading the same number of updates that are failing, but without any failure errors or warnings.


      Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.