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    Kiwi Syslog "Check for update..." error


      We are new to Kiwi Syslog and are just getting things configured.  We are on version  One thing I immediately noticed is that running the "Check for update..." results in the following error: "An error occurred while checking for available software updates.  Check internet connectivity or proxy server settings.". 


      We have no proxy server enabled.  From the server with Kiwi Syslog, I have Internet connectivity via a browser with no problems. 


      From Kiwi's error log, I see the following line associated with the failed update: "Info: An error occurred while checking for available software updates.  Moved Temporarily [20152] - Resource: http://downloads.solarwinds.com/solarwinds/Release/Kiwi/Syslog/currentkiwisyslogversion.xml".  If I paste that URL into a browser, it returns the following:


      <?xml version="1.0"?>

      -<KiwiSyslogServerVersionManifest Version="1">

      <CurrentVersion Version="9.6.1" Link="http://downloads.solarwinds.com/solarwinds/Release/Kiwi/Syslog/Kiwi-Syslog-Server-9.6.1.zip" DateReleased="2017-05-01"> New in 9.6.1 update ------------------------------ * Kiwi Syslog Server no longer creates large SolarWinds.SyslogServer.Engine.log fileswhich consume significant disk space. * Kiwi Syslog Server diagnostic information shows the correct buffer usage for all types of messages * If you do not see a "Download Update" button below, copy and paste the following link into your browser to download: http://downloads.solarwinds.com/solarwinds/Release/Kiwi/Syslog/Kiwi-Syslog-Server-9.6.1.zip </CurrentVersion>



      I can then paste the .zip link it references into a browser and get the zip file to download (although it appears to be the same version we already have). 


      Has anyone experienced the same issue or know how to fix it?