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    How to add a custom list to the UDT dashboard?




      We are new to UDT, and to be honest rookies at Orion as well.  We recently added UDT to Orion and are still running with most of the defaults.  In the UDT dashboard, one of the elements on the page is "All user logins".  We would like to create a new element similar to this, but for "All endpoints", so that we can search for an endpoint in the list and drill in to the details.  Kind of the opposite of the "All user logins" one.  Currently we do not know of a way to do this.  I have been trying to find out how to create or modify resources, and so far cannot figure this out or if I'm looking in the right area.  The question is, how do we create a custom list like this, for the dashboard?  I have been trying to find out how to do this and so far cannot figure this out.  I am able to easily create custom reports but running in to a roadblock when trying to edit the dashboard and add this one element to it.


      We appreciate any guidance to this.  Thank you.

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          Start here:


          On the UDT Summary Page, go to Customize Page (at the top right, if you have View management rights). Click the plus sign on one of the columns in the resulting page and have a click around the available options. Add a couple to the view, see if any of them work for what you want. If so, great! If not, let me know what you are looking for exactly (What about the endpoints do you want to see and search on, how should it look?) and I may be able to write a custom query that you can place on that dashboard depending on what you're looking for.


          Also, I should mention- if you are looking for training in the Orion platform, we (Loop1 Systems) specialize in training and configuration for SolarWinds, and a couple of our classes touch on UDT as well as the rest of SolarWinds products, so we can certainly help out if you would like to be put in touch with someone that can give you more info.



          Nathan Hejnicki

          Loop1 Systems