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    SQL error starting Syslog Viewer


      The Syslog Viewer is not a tool we use often, but today, when trying to launch it, what we get is about a 15 second pause followed by the following error:


      Cannot connect to the SQL database. Re-run the Installation Wizard.


      Error=Invalid connection string attribute.


      The ellipses represents the connection string. Here's the string shown in the error screen, formatted for easier read:



      persist security info=False;

      use procedure for prepare=1;

      auto translate=True;

      packet size=4096;

      workstation id=SERVERNAME;

      use encryption for data=FALSE;

      tag with column collation when possible=False;

      user id=USERNAME;


      data source=SQLSERERNAME;

      initial catalog=SolarWindsOrion;

      max pool size=1000