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    shout out to NPM!

      1. What industry is your company in? Textile (industrial)
      2. How large is your IT shop? (Small (1-250 elements); Medium (251 – 2000 elements); Large (2001 to 10000 elements); Extra-large (greater than 10,000 elements) Large
      3. Which SolarWinds product are you writing this review for? NPM
      4. What problem were you trying to solve when you purchased? IT Monitoring solution that fits our needs.
      5. Did you consider options other than SolarWinds? Who? No
      6. How are you using the product and what benefits have you seen? We've been using Solarwinds NPM for more than a year now and I'd like to just take this opportunity to thank the people behind Solarwinds and for the fantastic community we have here, over 160K users who are always there whenever you need support be it about an existing issue that requires resolution or just some customization requirements we have within our company to satisfy the powers that be - overall Solarwinds has been impeccable particularly NPM; though there are other modules that we haven't tried yet, we are looking forward to them as soon as our budget permits it. Ever since we started using this product, my team (Helpdesk) has improved in delivering proactive and timely escalation and management has noticed the decreased of the time it takes to resolve major incidents which we are really struggling prior to Solarwinds.