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    Content in Request Detail box erased after switching to a different category (with 3 levels of choices)


      We had a client yesterday submit a ticket saying that he had spent 20 minutes typing out a request in the "Request Detail" and then realized he needed to switch the category/request type. Well upon doing that, everything in the request detail box was erased. Safe to say he wasn't very happy!


      It appears that this does not happen when you only have two levels of choices (for instance: I.T. > Event Set Up) and you switch it to another category (I.T. > Purchase Request) that has 2 levels of choices. The problem is when you go from 2 levels of choices (I.T. > Purchase Request) to 3 levels (I.T. > Hardware > Laptop) or from 3 levels (I.T. > Fob Request > New Fob) to another I.T. request type (I.T. > Hardware > Laptop). If I was just to switch that last level of the 3, then the request detail box will not be erased.


      In theory, it makes sense to me as that is the way I thought it worked before I ever received the ticket. I just want to make sure, though, is this the way that it should operate? Is it even possible to leave the Request Detail box untouched no matter what request type is chosen (besides the types that have the request detail hidden)?


      Beyond whether it should or shouldn't do that - It would be neat for a warning box to pop up if say "greater than 100 characters" had been typed into the request detail box.