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      We are now accepting sign-ups for anyone wishing to participate in a dev assisted upgrade of your Orion environment to Virtualization Manager 8.0 Release Candidate.


      Developer Assisted Upgrades are an excellent way for you to get up and running successfully with the latest release candidate. Upgrades are conducted via Webex

      with representatives from Product Management, Engineering, and Support to answer upgrade related questions, provide recommendations, as well as promptly resolve any issues which arise during the upgrade process.


      If you are interested in participating, you can sign-up here. Please note that slots are limited and will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. Those that do participate, will receive 3000 Thwack points which can be redeemed for cool stuff from the Thwack Store!


      All participants must meet the following criteria:


      1. Must currently own Virtualization Manager
      2. Virtualization Manager must be under active maintenance
      3. Some version of VMAN must be installed and running in the environment already
        • The Dev Assisted Upgrade Program is for 'upgrades' only, not new installs
      4. Servers must meet the minimum requirements for VMAN 8.0
        • Orion Server = Windows Server 2012 or later
        • SQL Database Server = SQL 2012 or later
      5. Must not have already upgraded the system to the VMAN 8.0 Release Candidate on your own
      6. Virtualization Manager must be integrated with Orion
        • We are not accepting sign-ups at this time for those running the VMAN Virtual Appliance only