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    Tiered Dependencies?


      I'm curious about the possibility of tiered dependencies in NPM. My sites are set up with the typical architecture of "Edge" -- "Distribution" -- "Access" layers. I initially planned to set up my dependencies so that I had one group with all devices at the site, and then make that group a child of the edge device for the site. After some more though, I realized that if my distribution layer failed, I would still receive all the alerts for my downstream access layer switches, so my approach changed to creating something more like this:


      EDGE parent of DIST

      DIST parent of ACCESS

      Creating groups for each layer, and then adding the appropriate devices to each group.


      So my question is, in the above dependency mapping scheme, if my EDGE device goes down then my DIST layer device would be marked unreachable, and "should" result in my ACCESS layer devices being marked unreachable as well, right? I'm hoping I don't need to create a combination of both approaches in order to be covered regardless of what happens.