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    how do you disable alerting for hardware sensors in which the interface is ADMIN SHUT.


      Hardware sensors for optics frequenlty enter critical state with values that are clearaly at the end of the bounds check (100W, .0000000001, -40.00 sBm)


      however, shutting down the interface does not appear to mute the hardware sensor (optics) for the interface in question.


      i want to know if there is a way to link up the hardware sensor interface name with the interface property, so I can exclude interfaces that are in an admin down state from alarming.



      from the switch



      switch# sh inter status | incl Et[3|4]

      Et3                                      disabled     1        full   10G    10GBASE-LR <-- disabled interfaces

      Et4                                      disabled     1        full   10G    10GBASE-LR <-- disabled interfaces


      switch# sh inter transceiver detail

      mA: milliamperes, dBm: decibels (milliwatts), NA or N/A: not applicable.

      ++ : high alarm, +  : high warning, -  : low warning, -- : low alarm.

      A2D readouts (if they differ), are reported in parentheses.

      The threshold values are calibrated.




                               High Alarm  High Warn   Low Alarm   Low Warn

                 Tx Power      Threshold   Threshold   Threshold   Threshold

      Port       (dBm)         (dBm)       (dBm)       (dBm)       (dBm)

      -------    ------------  ----------  ----------  ----------  ----------

      Et3        -40.00        2.01        1.00        -7.96       -6.99

      Et4        -40.00        2.01        1.00        -7.96       -6.99