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    Software Version reporting

    Richard Phillips

      When we update VMWare we, of course, have to update VMWare Tools on our servers. So I pulled a quick and dirty report via SQL (I'm not a SQL guy, so I had help) that pulls the device ID, name and VMWare Tools version. I'd like to add this to SolarWinds via a custom query, but SWSQL is even more confusing to me.


      Can someone convert the following to SWSQL for this purpose - I also have a Custom Node Property called Change_Window where I keep track of which maintenance window each server is part of. It would be nice to see the report/display show the device, VMWare Tools version and the Change Window for each server.


      select n.caption

      , n.NodeID

      , ais.Version

      from Nodes n

      , AssetInventory_Software ais

      where n.NodeID  = ais.NodeID and ais.name = 'VMWare Tools'