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    Ticket create using REST API causes duplicate emails


      I have the following specified in my json file (ignore the truncated syntax):

        "emailClient": false

        "emailTech": false

        "emailTechGroupLevel": false

        "emailGroupManager": false

        "emailCc": false

         "sendEmail": false


      The tickets are assigned to myself as the Tech and my Tech account is set to notify of new tickets, so that accounts for one email.


      However, I get two duplicate emails at the same time the ticket(s) gets created via the API.  I can't figure out why I'm getting two emails. This doesn't happen for any other generated tickets.


      Has anyone else encountered the same?


      Any feedback appreciated.

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          I've accidentally ended up writing code that tried to send a POST request multiple times, so that's one possibility; you might want to trace and see what your code is actually sending over the network.  You might have some Action Rules or Approval Processes that are getting applied on ticket creation that trigger more emails, or there might be multiple Outgoing Mail Templates in Setup -> Email -> Templates that are getting triggered...