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    Extreme Variations in information collected/shown by Cisco Prime vs. Solarwinds


      We have used SW for several years.  Recently (apx 6 mos ago) our VAR gave us a free copy of CiscoPrime.   But I'm seeing discrepancies between the two.   Today I can see that one of my switches in an office where there are complaints of slow performance, is showing 1 of 4 CPUs on the 3850 was pegged numerous times at 98% utilization.     This according to CiscoPrime.  But Solarwinds says no...it's never been that high...not ever.  when I zoom into the time range of the highest spike according to CiscoPrime it was at 7:15 this morning.  Solarwinds...says it never happened.


      Someone isn't being honest with the information they are getting.   I thought maybe it had to do with averaging over a period of time and also how often stats are collected.  CP collects every 15 minutes.  SW collects every 10.  Both use the SNMP pollers to pull the statistics on health.  Both default to a 24 hour reporting period.  But if I zoom in on SW to pulling information in a 1 hour window around the suspected event...it NEVER shows the CPU was ever in any kind of crisis.  If I continued to use only SW, might I be missing something I should be paying attention to?


      Looking at the show processes output, indeed CPU1 is high and seems to stay that way...


      MIA_23FL_CORE#show processes cpu sort | exclude 0.0

      Core 0: CPU utilization for five seconds: 14%; one minute: 18%;  five minutes: 17%

      Core 1: CPU utilization for five seconds: 97%; one minute: 96%;  five minutes: 93%

      Core 2: CPU utilization for five seconds: 3%; one minute: 12%;  five minutes: 15%

      Core 3: CPU utilization for five seconds: 98%; one minute: 90%;  five minutes: 47%

      PID    Runtime(ms) Invoked  uSecs  5Sec     1Min     5Min     TTY   Process

      5855   3326174     33968608 151    26.37    26.36    26.41    1088  fed               

      11947  518512      97207917 155    2.39     3.60     3.39     0     iosd              

      5857   1915298     28724628 154    0.49     0.46     0.46     0     stack-mgr         

      11940  3252699     20479147 13     0.10     0.13     0.14     0     wcm               


      but SW says it isn't happening now and never has:


      What's up with this?  NPM is 12.1