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    Nodes are up, but cannot poll or list resources.


      Some really weird stuff is happening on some nodes.  There is no explanation as to why or how it's not working.


      I have maybe a dozen nodes out of almost 1000 where they have casually stopped polling to solarwinds, but they are still up.  I still have stats for them, but when it comes to polling (most are polled via SNMP) it simply doesn't want to know.  I know it can't be the SNMP details as that is based off of GPO.  So it one failed then everything would fail.

      I have restarted the SNMP service with no luck.  Rebooted one of the servers with no luck.

      Restarted the Orion job engine v2 (as recommended on another post) as well as restarted the solarwinds box with no luck on either.


      I can ping all of the nodes from my solarwinds box and vice versa.  WMI will poll without issues, as well as ICMP.  I have also logged on to the firewall and noticed that for the nodes that are failing to poll are also having their network no traffic is coming through.

      You would think 'ah, it's something to do with where the nodes are sitting'

      Nope, the nodes are on different subnets and different vlans.  Also, the next useable IP address range either side is perfectly fine, but not the nodes that are failing.  I did a search on this and found a few items and articles I am going through to see if I can fine anything.


      My next step is raising a change to install wireshark on the nodes and these are customer servers.

      Failing wireshark, what other options have people tried with regards to this issue.  Below is the results of the searching I did and the results of my search.





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