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    Offline Self-Help Capabilites


      Hi all,


      I am new here and am currently reviewing if Solarwinds SAM and NPM  suites our usage .


      Would like to check if anyone know if Solarwinds SAM and NPM have any offline self-help capabilities built in?

      Some examples will be a offline help tools/ troubleshooting tips with index search.


      Thanks in advance!



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          I personally have found the admin guide PDFs to be indispensable for a decent amount of issues in the past. However, most of the "good info" for SolarWinds comes from Thwack and the occasionally well-worded Google query.


          Unless you were more referring to a knowledge base for those who would use the app- in that case, as individual monitors and alerts, you can use the combination of built-in monitor descriptions and Custom Properties for things like directing users as to what to do when they see an alert for this Node or Component/Application (whom to call, what to try restarting, etc).


          Sorry, the question was just a bit on the ambiguous side so I figured I'd answer it both ways that I read it.


          Nathan Hejnicki

          Loop1 Systems

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