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      We are new to SolarWinds SDK and we’re looking at the API to integrate with a custom help desk ticketing system. 


      Our question has to do with polling NPM for alerts.  We want near real time alerts without risking “over polling” the API to the point that NPM performance could be degraded.  We’re specifically looking for an event-based alert option, such that when an alert is triggered a process can be launched to push a notification to our ticketing system to auto create tickets?  Our help desk system has its own API that we would like to call rather than having to poll the Orion API or deal with the complications of ingesting and parsing SMTP messages.


      We can’t find a method for this in the SDK and we want to verify if this is possible.


      On a related note, we see that Orion can send SNMP traps.  It seems that this is based on events regarding the health and status of Orion modules, and not necessarily based on alerts triggered by systems being monitored by Orion modules.  Is that correct or is it possible to do event-based alerts of monitored systems using SNMP?


      Again we are new to SolarWinds and we’re building out a platform to monitor over 20K elements so we really want to build the most efficient system possible.