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    Installation OF SAM


      Hi All,


      I am preparing a new installation of SAM and I already created two VM's for the SAM and the SQL server.

      I have installed on both Windows Server 2012 R2.


      I already installed the IIS on the SAM server and made sure that I have .NET version 4/5 installed.

      In the administrator guide, I have read that there is a line on  MSMQ and RabbitMQ - Are they prerequisites? If so, Do I need to install them manually or the SAM install them for me?


      I have dedicated 3 Linux servers for the test and all 5 VM's are in the same domain.

      The main issue I am facing is to understand what are the ports that I need to open in the firewall rules?


      I would be happy if someone can make it simple for me to understand the ports that I need.

      For the basic installation of the SAM - the Connection of the SAM and the DB - Do I need ONLY port 1433 from the SAM to the DB server? is it ongoing or bidirectional?

      SAM <-- 1433 --> DB or only SAM --1433 --> DB?


      There are so many ports needed to be opened and I am not sure that I need them all and I would not want to work for vain.

      I would be happy if someone can assist me with opening the basic ports on my servers and also adding the SAM ports that are needed for the SAM functionality.


      Please assist me with the above

      Thank you !!