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    High Availability - Best Practices


      Hello Thwack Community,


      I've read the documentation for High Availability for SAM and it only talks about a primary and secondary server.  I'm assuming you'd want to configure some physical separation between the two for HA and fault tolerance.  The only caveat is they need to be the same type of server on the same subnet.  I'm think of setting up an HA pair in VMware and setting the affinity rules to keep them off the same host. Additionally, setting up vSphere Operations Manager to keep an eye on these servers and kick them on in vCloud Air (incase something really bad happens).


      I do have several questions regarding a possible HA setup:


      1. Can we have more than 2 servers in an HA pair?


      2. Do you recommend a dedicated SQL server for Solarwinds when you're doing HA?