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    NPM and SAM Review


      The current company I work for is in Goverment contacts. We are basically contractors who work with the our Government as well as other Governments to start and finish specific projects. Our company has several branches but then are sort of act independent of each other as each one serves a different purpose or does a different job. However the IT department acts as both as an independent entity and a whole. So as an example, I work by myself at my location independently of the other locations, I do not mess with any of their equipment, nor do they mess with any of mine, however we are all part of the corporate IT department and we report to the same IT Director. We also get paid and our PTO, etc. are all based out of the same department. So it's a really cool and interesting opportunity that presents it's challenges but also has some fantastic rewards. Our IT department as a whole has about 8 or so IT people, in about 6 or 7 locations and we support roughly 1000 users (based on my latest AD count but that does not mean that there are that many actual people just users).


      Currently I do not use any Solarwinds paid products, but I do use Solarwinds TFTP server for our uploading firmware to our Cisco switches, and some of other gear. I have used Solarwinds NPM and SAM in a previous job and loved it. The capabilities were fantastic, it was able to grab all sorts of data from our Cisco ASA's, our servers, really everything and then in a single dashboard we could see any potential issues. It also allowed us to see, using SAM, our software. At the time we had a database that would need regular restarts as well as it would require a startup with the server would restart, and with the help of Solarwinds and SAM they were able to integrate it with the SQL database and accomplish the needs.


      I continue to watch the video's and the progression of NPM and I am blown away by the functionality of what the Solarwinds engineers are coming up with. I have a home server and I use the trial version of NPM every so often and it is just fantastic. I am waiting for the budget cycle to come up in order to recommend that we at least look at this product for our entire company. We have several SQL databases that I am aware of, since we are doing AD replication and we have implemented Azure, I know that Solarwinds can help us steamline our process and better understand where our potential issues could be and where we need to focus our efforts in order to make us more efficient.