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    Import node group membership (or recreate programatically) while consolidating Orion instances ?


      I'm in the process of consolidating 13 or so instances down into 4 regional instances. The network staff in the field have put a LOT of work into creating groups for all their sites to organize things over the years. I'd like to find a way (even if it involves sql) to NOT loose all of that effort, if just from a 'good will' perspective. Has anyone done this that can share a methodology? I think the initial problem would be that the nodeID's are gonna be different so it would have to start with something like: (?)


      Export the nodecaption and nodeID from old system

      Export group table info from old system

      Import nodes and groups into new system where they'll get new IDs

      Export nodecaption & nodeID from new system and group table info from new system

      Join the data somehow & update the table data with the new nodeIDs??


      Kinda fuzzy for me at this point. As an aside, can someone explain the DB relationship between the groups and nodes? I'm making an assumption that the relationship is nodeIDs in the node groups (whatever it's name is) table??


      Thanks in advance for any advice.  I'd just have them rebuild the groups but we're talking about > 10k  nodes across the org. Mostly network stuff (routers, switches, wireless controllers, call managers)...