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    NPM and SAM : Solarwinds-Maintenance Mode


      My Company has been into IT Services and we provide technical and consultancy services to our clients and partners, we operate in 18 different countries, we have been using solarwinds to support multiple customers across the globe, there are multiple data centers being monitored, i would say more than 12000 elements per customer, Our customers have been from the Airlines, Retain, Banking Domains and our management has found Solarwinds as the best tool to monitor Networks, I have seen a significant improvements in other modules such has DPA, SAM, WPM,


      Solarwinds has been a leader in Monitoring Networks, there is no doubt about this,


      Recently one feature that we would want Solar winds to have is Automate Maintenance Mode( Switch off Monitoring) I hope they add it in the next release


      Also Reports (out of the box) for CPU, DISK, Memory Utilization which would help Capacity management would be a great idea