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    Rogue Tickets


      Got some unusual behavior with some tickets, is anyone else seeing this?


      If I run a search/query on all our status types, with an ' status Is not' condition for each, I get a bunch of tickets generated over time that appear.


      These tickets are not visible where they should be, i.e in workload lists / the technician or tech groups ticket view.


      On the DB side, the STATUS_TYPE_ID is set as NULL for these tickets. The front end displays these as status "Open".


      I can correct these errors by switching the status type on the ticket on the front end, or via the DB on the back end.


      There seems to be no common theme to the tickets affected. No matching submitter, request type, etc.


      There is also no evidence of process failure; no action rule, quick ticket, bulk action, etc that is listed in ticket history as being applied, or having failed.



      I have logged this with our support to hopefully find the root cause. I'd rather not have to run this query daily as a corrective action.


      Has anyone else encountered this?



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          We've experienced the same issue with some of our tickets. One of our Techs noticed that a ticket disappeared from his 'My Tickets' list. When I did a search like you did on all status types, it returned 3 tickets, including the one that had disappeared from the 'My Tickets' list. I'm not seeing any pattern or commonality among the tickets either. There's definitely a bug somewhere in the software, but isolating it may be difficult.

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            We have had the same issue and found that some of it was related to Action Rules that changed ticket statuses but were established before Ticket Status changes. That creates the "rogue" status -- looks like but isn't.

            We updated the rules and the problem appears to have rectified itself.