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    VOIP Alerts Reporting


      Hello Folks,


      Hope you all are doing well!

      I am new to solarwinds VOIP reporting and don't have much idea about the structure of the contents related to VOIP. I could see some reports on the solarwinds platform but couldn't get the information I needed.

      I am hoping to get a report on the Alerts generated for VOIP applications/servers for the last 6 months.

      This report will give me an insight into the data which will let us know about the reason for alerts getting generated/number of alerts generated for every node related to VOIP/analyze the trend of alerts.


      I will just list the names(hypothetical, just to get an idea) of the columns that will help you identify the data I am looking for:

      VOIP Alert details/type,VOIP Alert date,VOIP PercentAvailability


      While I could get the below information from the existing VOIP Call details report in Solarwinds:

      VOIP node name,IP address,Location,status,Severity


      It would be great if any of the VOIP experts could give me some details related to VOIP reporting.

      Thank you!