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    DNSStuff reporting incorrect information - All other sites report correct information


      I'm currently trying to troubleshoot a DMARC issue I'm having with Google, and possible other sites.


      Google is reporting a DMARC error, but nobody has reported an error in the 8+ months I've had DMARC deployed. When I use: MXToolbox, Network-Tools and IntoDNS I get the correct information back. However, when I use DNSStuff's DNS Report tool it shows a server that I do not own or operate as the mail server.


      Can anyone tell me who DNSStuff is using to perform DNS look ups? I'm starting to think that there is some kind of "rogue record" out there for our domains. I've contacted our DNS provider & they have verified that they do not see a corruption on their end, and all their testing does not show the invalid IP address.