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    Stop techs from editing other tech notes




      We're running into an interesting issue with Helpdesk - we've found a few technicians that are showing in reports as having time from a ticket, even though they never left a note with time on it.  We've tracked this down and it seems like the issue is happening when a technician goes in and edits another technician's note - the system then gives BOTH technicians that time.  In other words, if Tech A leaves a note with 1 hour, and then Tech B edits that note, then the report gives both techs 1 hour for that ticket.


      We're looking for a way to fix this.  Preferably we'd like to have a way to stop techs from editing another technician's note in the first place - we want them leaving their own note, or editing their own note, but not going in and changing the notes another tech left.  Does anybody know of a way to do that?


      Failing that, does anybody know of a way for the system to JUST give that time to the tech that originally left the note, instead of giving the time to both techs?



      Thanks in advance!