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    Node is "Currently down, unreachable, or provided credentials are not valid" when listing resources


      I am currently having a issue that I see appear from time to time on selective nodes that I am hoping someone else has / is encountering as well.


      I several Windows servers that are set up to poll via WMI. From time to time, the NIC's being monitored on these servers go to an "unknown" state and stay that way until manually being fixed.


      The fix I had for this was something I picked up off of another Thwack post which involved deleting the monitored NIC from underneath the nodes monitored resources, performing a rediscover on the node, and then relisting the nodes resources. From there, the NIC would now show as "up", re-select it and then click "ok".


      Well, I have seen this also turn around and fail when attempting to list the resources after performing the rediscover. The message I receive is "Node is currently down, unreachable, or provided credentials are not valid".


      I performed a credential test by selecting "Edit Properties" on the troubled node and the credentials fail. This is the oddest part to me as the credentials are the same ones this node as been using for WMI polling, along with every other server we monitor in our environment. Account is not locked out either. Password has not been changed. I'm sure this could be fixed by removing / re-adding the node, but if I could avoid losing the nodes historical data, that would be best.


      Any thoughts?