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    Alerts not showing up in Alert Central


      I have an issue that I am having trouble wrapping my mind around.


      I have an account setup to capture all of my alerts (alertcentral.solarwinds@mydomain.com)


      The capture rules are pretty simple. If mydomain.com is in the from field, the alert should be routed to the only group that is created, 'Connectivity'. This is so I can test this from my own account as well as what we have the source setup to be.


      If I send the message directly from my email account, it shows up in AC account and AC sweeps the message, deletes it, populates it in the AC console and the alert gets propogated.


      If the message is sent through our smtp server, it shows up in the AC account and AC sweeps the message, deletes it, and DOES NOT populate it in the AC console, therefore the alert never makes it out to the on-call engineer.


      We have had this setup for a few years now and have had no issues, but we recently migrated the account to office365 and now it seems to be having an issue. The only idea I have at this point is that the source of the message is what is causing the issue, but I'm still at a little bit of a loss for right now.

      Any ideas would be helpful