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    Auto remediation on Linux. (restart service)


      I have been following the guide by chad.every: located below.. On the newer versions Solarwinds Alerting Engine is no long present, putty is installed, and ran as the SVC account the other 2 solarwinds services are running as and connected to my linux machine to get the RSA fingerprint of the server.


      here is the command line i am using:

      (the alert triggers no problem i set up an email alert to trigger and i receive them no problem so it is not a problem there).


      (using this command in the "network path to external program)  putty is defined as an environmental variable and works.

      putty.exe -l test -i E:\Scripts\xxxmb.ppk -m E:\Scripts\restart_memd.sh 10.1.x.26


      Now here is the part i do not get...


      When i copy that into powershell and run it ...no problems everything kicks off as expected and the service starts, but via the execute an external program it doesn't. is there something i may be missing/bad syntax, ect?




      Alert Action - Run Linux Script With Putty