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    SMTP Header Inspection


      Is there a way to inspect the header of an email in WHD?


      This is how we would use it:  we could create various aliases for the WHD mailbox - helpdesk@bubbas.org, hrsupport@bubbas.org, facilities@bubbas.org, etc. and then inspect the header and process the request based on the SMTP address found.


      Any ideas?



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          Hmm.. not a way to have it inspect the email header that i'm aware of... but you can already just create multiple entries in the "Incoming Mail Settings" area.    So you could make one for helpdesk@bubbas.org and make others for hrsupport@bubbas.org and facilities.bubbas.org.   You would need to have different mailboxes for each of those in your mail system, though.


          In that scenario, each one of those incoming mail entries would assign a specific Request Type to the tickets.  Based on the Request Type assigned, the ticket will route to a particular Tech Group.