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    Varying Extraneous Info


      Hey all -


      I bumped into a scenario where Fujitsu Scanners extraneous info was logging differently on the LEM depending on what USB port it was plugged into. I wondered if maybe this was applicable to other devices like our USB storage drives (which could be problematic).


      I have tested a few by plugging them into different ports on my machine and they didn't change. I also had a colleague of mine put it in his machine and they numbers did not vary, not even by a single character.


      Using this as an example: USB\VID_0781&PID_5530\20052845031DE8F34292    <---Does this portion of the info reflect the devices Serial Number, typically? And ideas why it would be varying on what port it's plugged into on a persons machine? It was changing by 1 character and then when plugged into the back of the machine, it was completely different.



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          Hi jessaraea,


          Unfortunately what you have ran into is something that depends on the device.  Sometimes the devices will change their id based on what port you connect them too and many times you have a device id that is the same wherever you plug it into.  This is all dependent on the manufacture of the device.  On some of those devices Windows will change with an &1, &2, or &3 etc depending on which port you plug it into for some devices.  In fact many things they report to windows are controlled by the device.  I have seen USB devices say they are a HID device when they are actually a USB Mass Storage device.